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Cycle to the Annual Congress. Get fit. Reduce your carbon footprint.


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250 miles over 3 days. 

Saturday 19th Sept to Monday 21st Sept 2020

For the eighth consecutive year, a team of anesthetists from the UK and abroad will cycle to the Annual Congress of the Association of Anaesthetists of GB and Ireland - AAGBI.

In 2020, the congress is in the Harrogate Convention Centre. We will cycle from the Association of Anaesthetists HQ in London on Saturday 19th September 2020. Each day will be just over 80 miles, totaling about 250 miles altogether. Overnight stays will be in Banbury and Matlock, arriving in Harrogate on Monday 21st September.

This year, we are primarily all about reducing our carbon footprints and improving fitness and well-being. We will also be contributing to the AAGBI charity, SAFE Africa.

Key points: 3 day supported bike ride, £20 per day *, overnight stays at Premier Inns, 8th year, book via Contact page

 * No charge if single day and / or no luggage