Details and Frequently Asked Questions

Booking and Cost

Again for 2021, the core team of cyclists will be organising the ride to Liverpool. The AAGBI will host the departure, but will not otherwise be involved with the administration. So, if you want to come on  some or all of the ride, or just express an interest, please contact me via the contact form, or via email at d1337(dot)mills(at)gmail(dot)com  

Let us know your phone number for the WhatsApp group.

I estimate the cost to be £10 to £20 per day, depending on the support, covering petrol and snacks, as well as a small supply of bike maintenance gear. There will not be a dedicated bike mechanic. Any profit will be donated to SAFEAfrica. 

Payment will be via cheque or bank transfer in advance, or cash or cheque on the day of departure.

If you just want to join for a single day, and have no, or minimal,  luggage, there will be no charge. Please let us know, though. (or turn up in good time at the hotel...)

When you contact us with your application, I will reply with payment details - i.e. bank transfer information.

Luggage and Transport

We will probably use somebody's 4x4 for the journey to Liverpool. The driver may not be very bike-savvy, or able to carry heavy loads, so please be considerate.

The van will be big enough for everybody's travelling luggage.  Luggage will be loaded up at 21 Portland Place before we set off.

Luggage will be delivered to the Premier Inn at each overnight town. If you stay in a different hotel, we will make every effort to deliver, within reason.

In the unlikely event of bike failure (or exhaustion), the support team will be able to pick you up.


We will be using Premier Inns for the two over-night stays, availability permitting. We don't get any discounts or special deals, they are just reliable, comfortable and allow bikes in the rooms.

Please book your rooms yourself, as soon as possible. Neither I, nor the AAGBI will book rooms for you. Obviously, you are free to choose any accommodation, but the bags will be delivered to the Premier Inn, which will also be the start and finish points. We will also drop-off and pick-up to other local hotels, if at all possible.

Food and Drink

You need to eat a lot! Each day's ride will use over 4000 calories and you need to get the glycogen back into your thighs.

Breakfast is usually in the hotel, although some people have preferred McDonalds porridge !?!

Morning coffee and lunch stops will be planned ahead, with any last-minute changes being announced on the group Whatsapp.

Afternoon snacks tend to be "Look, there's a shop, I'm buying chocolate and Pepsi".

The support vehicle will have a small supply of food.

The evening meal is a communal affair in a local restaurant rather than the hotel, picked using a complicated formula based on local knowledge, availability and randomness. Italians and Indians are popular. We tend to split the bill evenly.


Over the last seven years, the AAGBI cycle ride has raised several thousand pounds for LifeBox and SAFEAfrica. This year, the focus is on the environment and well-being, so there is no formal fund-raising drive.

However, if you would like to raise money for SAFEAfrica, the AAGBI charity that provides training for third-world anaesthetists, please use the website and direct all your friends, family and other sponsors there. 

If there is any surplus from the ride, that will also be given to SAFEAfrica.