How many people are you expecting in the ride?

Based on previous years, we expect around 10 to 15. 

What sort of bikes do people use?

Most people ride a nice road bike, usually with a carbon fibre frame. A pure aero speed bike or an out-and-out mountain bike is unlikely to be comfortable for 80+ miles. Electric bikes will be accepted, but we cannot guarantee that the battery will last all the way!

What sort of speed do you ride at?

The peloton usually splits up into a faster and slower group. The speeds are around 15 and 13.5 mph respectively. Please estimate your speed and group realistically so that you do not get dropped from the group you choose.

I am not used to group riding. Will it matter?

As long as you ride sensibly, you will be fine. There are some general principles, like two abreast on quiet roads, single file on busy roads, and shout out for potholes and hazards. Taking turns with leading and drafting is nice, but not compulsory. If you are struggling, please let the group know so they can reduce the pace. You should only get dropped by mutual consent, as long as you have a GPS. If you find yourself shooting off the front, maybe join the faster group after coffee, or tell your group you are happy to solo.

I'm uncertain about signing-up as I won't know anyone. Will they talk to me?

Yes. Most of us are actually more cyclist than anaesthetist so the chances are that you will fit right in. 

I'm uncertain about signing up because everyone else will be a Middle-Aged Man In Lycra.

Ummm, fair point. Saying that, male to female ratio has historically been about 3:1. Most riders are consultants but several trainees have been on the rides. Trainees are very welcome, as long as they watch the bikes while the consultants go for coffee (joke).

How will I get my bike and luggage home at the end of the conference?

You will have to make your own arrangements. The van will be a one-way hire. Remember, the main-line trains require bike reservations in advance. It is possible that you may be able to get your bike back to London in a van with the Association exhibition stand. Please contact the AAGBI directly if you need this option.

Will I be automatically insured?

No. Personal insurance is HIGHLY recommended,  Third-party insurance is essential these days. Cycling UK membership includes third-party, but I recommend proper insurance equivalent to a car. Personally I use Bikmo but other companies are available.

I have another question.

Please contact me with the contact form.