The tradition of cycling to the AAGBI Annual Congress has been going on for eight years.

After a small pilot venture to Bournemouth in 2012, over one day by Richard Griffiths and William H-G, the first "official" ride took place in 2013 to Dublin via the Pembroke to Rosslare ferry. Around 10 hardy souls completed this very wet adventure.

2014 was the breakout year, with over 20 people cycling to Harrogate.

Edinburgh in 2015 proved even more popular, despite being over 400 miles and 5 days including the infamous Puncture Friday through Lincolnshire.

The 2016 congress was in Birmingham. Was this a nice easy 100 mile ride? Oh, no, it was three days of off-road madness along the Grand Union Canal. Only one person fell in.

Liverpool in 2017 was back to roads, and the first one route planned by David. Again, over 20 people took part.

The ride to Dublin over 3 and a half days was the second to Dublin taking a very different route to 2013. It was very similar to Liverpool, but turned left at Chester, heading for the Holyhead ferry.

Glasgow in 2019  was an endurance marathon. 460 miles over 5 days, with the first two days being over 100 miles each. 12 people took part and they enjoyed every minute, so I am told.

There was no conference in 2020 because of COVID-19, Richard and I cycled to Harrogate anyway, as it was between lockdowns. We picked the hilly route through the Peak District. It was hilly.