This page is about the proposed route, which may or may not happen.

I have left the information here for reference.

As is traditional, we will start from 21 Portland Place London, W1B 1PY on Saturday 19th September 2020. The Grand Depart will be at 8am.

We will plan coffee stops at around 25 miles, and lunch at around 50 miles. 

The over-night hotels are all Premier Inns, but obviously you may choose any hotel you want. However, Premier Inns do not mind bicycles being kept in the bedrooms!

Day 1 Saturday 19th September 2020

London to Banbury  80.5 miles

Day 2 Sunday 20th September 2020

Banbury to Matlock  87 miles

Day 3 Monday 21st September 2020

Matlock to Harrogate  82 miles

Optional Day 4 ride Tuesday 22nd September 2020

Yorkshire World Championship Route 50 miles

The routes are plotted directly to the Premier Inns in each town!

At the time of writing, the route for the first day is well tested, but days 2 and 3 will need investigating. If I make changes, the links will remain the same.

3 days 2020.JPG

Day 1 London to Banbury

This is the same route that we took on day 1 for both Liverpool and Dublin, and the first 30 miles in 2019. It goes via the well-paved part of the Grand Union Canal for 10 miles, then through Ruislip and Harefield before coffee in Little Chalfont. There is a gentle climb to the Chilterns and a lovely ride through the Waddesdon Manor National Trust grounds before lunch at the Green Dragon Eco Farm. Then there are some very quiet country lanes before arriving in Banbury.

Premier Inn in Banbury

Coffee at Koho in Little Chalfont.

Lunch at Green Dragon Eco Farm

Evening meal probably at that Italian again.

GPS link here

Day 1 2020.JPG

Day 2 Banbury to Matlock

We start by going north out of Banbury along the A423 before coffee at Pumpkins Deli, Brinklow. We continue through the midlands countryside, going through Hinckley and aiming for Coalville for lunch, maybe Insomnia Coffee shop, or another franchise in the small town there. After lunch, we carry on north, going through the centre of Derby but hopefully this will be not too bad on a Sunday afternoon. The main hill of the day comes 10 miles from the end at Belper, but is followed by a nice run into Matlock and its rather unusual looking Premier Inn.

Premier Inn in Matlock

Coffee at Pumpkins Deli, Brinklow

Lunch in Coalville

Evening meal in Matlock. I'm sure there will be a restaurant.

GPS link here

Day 2 2020.JPG

Day 3 Matlock to Harrogate

This is the day you have all been waiting for. Rather than another flat day through Lincolnshire and The East Riding of God's Own County, we are going through the Peak District and the Yorkshire Moors (flatter bits).

We pass Chatsworth after 5 miles, then gently climb into the Peak District, going along the dam where the Dambusters practiced. There is more climbing up Snake Pass then it undulates over Strines Moor with coffee at Bank View cycling cafe, which is on the route taken on Day 2 of the 2014 Tour de France in Yorkshire. It starts to descend towards Huddersfield. Lunch will be around Halifax. Eat plenty, as there is more climbing around the moors to the west of Bradford. Then, after going through Saltaire, Baildon and Otley, we finish on the same final straight as the 2019 Cycling World Championship in Harrogate. It will be great.

Coffee at Bank View cafe, Langsett

Lunch around Halifax

Evening meal somewhere with generous portions in Harrogate

GPS link here

Day 3 2020.JPG